Sound Advice

There are a number of aspects to selecting, purchasing and conservation of art that require some care to ensure a long term satisfactory result.

It is her belief that art selections and purchases should be made with a view to enjoyment of the works as the major consideration. Any gain in value is best left to chance as notions of “investment” are a difficult proposition.

Reducing Risk
Selecting and purchasing can be  thrilling but it can also be a hazardous business, exacerbated particularly by the lack of independent advice. Art consultant Gillie Deans has no commercial ties or connections to individual artists or galleries, and provides unbiased and professional help.

Quality Assurance
However, she can help with sourcing respected artists' work (both contemporary and historical) and identifying the quality, condition etc.

Care and conservation of paintings is important to avoid deterioration and damage, eg the intense ultra violet light in New Zealand can have a severe effect on some artworks. It is therefore crucial that this and other factors are taken into consideration before artworks are installed.


Should an artwork require restoration Gillie can advise on and recommend highly qualified professional restorers. Unprofessional meddling can de-value, destroy or ruin a treasured piece.

Framing and Mounting

Advice on framing and presentation as well as installation, appropriate placement and hanging will increase the aesthetic value and enhance your enjoyment of the artwork.