Whether you are relatively new to purchasing works or wish to further your collection, like many of Gillie Deans Art Consultancy clients you could develop a satisfying and lifelong interest.

Gillie has access to a wide range of artworks, from historical works to the most contemporary art, and will collaborate with artists and galleries to fulfill your needs.

Attending art auctions can be both daunting and time-consuming and without experience or focus can often end without satisfaction and it can be a relief to delegate to someone you can trust. Gillie’s services include attending art auctions throughout New Zealand to purchase on your behalf,

Gillie is able to source and provide expert advice on a range of types:

  • Historical
  • Maori and Pacific art
  • Expressionist
  • Abstract
  • Impressionist
  • Portraiture
  • Sculpture
  • Installations
  • Limited edition prints
  • Works on paper
  • Artistic project management
  • Video and digital art